• Chaffinch
  • Redwing
  • Yellow Wagtail
  • Whimbrel
  • Gannet
  • Spotted Flycatcher
  • Dunnock
  • Oystercatchers

The Lundy Bird Observatory accreditation received in February 2023, was subject to a three year probationary period. The plan was for the Warden, Joe Parker, and the ringing group leader, Chris Dee, to attend the Bird Observatories Council AGM in Thetford on 2 February 2024 to provide a status update. Unfortunately, due to fog, Joe was unable to leave the island, but Luke Marriner, who was working nearby in Norfolk, was able fill the second Lundy representative place. Our presentation aimed to demonstrate that we are meeting the requirements for being recognised as a bird observatory and that the operational aspects were working smoothly. This was well received and there were no questions, so we are pleased to report a successful first probationary year and that we are still on course for full membership in 2026.