• Hoopoe

    Hoopoe © D Jones

  • Lapland Bunting

    Lapland Bunting © R Campey

  • Sora
  • Common Rosefinch

    Common Rosefinch © D Jones

  • Baltimore Oriole

    Baltimore Oriole © T Wright

  • Great Northern Diver

    Great Northern Diver © S Cossey

  • Red-rumped Swallow

    Red-rumped Swallow © D Fox

  • Pale-bellied Brent Goose

    Pale-bellied Brent Goose © R Taylor

Today was yet again another damp day with low cloud cover and strong gusts throughout. The census was quiet again but there were signs of movement out there, you just had to look a little harder than normal.

Millcombe was quite quiet with a Song Thrush, 2 Dunnock, 3 Robin, 3 Blackbird, the 2 Goldfinches, 3 Goldcrests, 8 Wren, and 3 Woodpigeon seen. Passing Gannet and Kittiwake were the best from Ugly. A little along the Beach Road resulted in nice views of a flock of 12 Shag and the overwintering Great-northern Diver all pretty close due to the weather. Further out on the water 2 Red-throated Divers were nice to see, they are an unusual species around the island so good to get on census especially. Benjamin’s chair was very difficult to view, the wind and rain came up the cliffs with only the breeding Herring Gulls seen. Rocket Pole Pond had the pair of resident Mallards, and the nearby Southwest Fields had a couple of Meadow Pipits. Walking across the Airfield resulted in 3 Skylark seen but that was about it.

2024 03 13 GreenWingedTeal TWestonGreen-winged Teal on Pondsbury ©Thomas Weston

A quick detour down to The Terraces resulted in small flocks of large gulls and a female Mallard prospecting Quarry Pond to potentially breed. Walking the cliff route to view Pondsbury was worthwhile with loafing large gulls and the American Green-winged Teal seen again. It is certainly a nervous bird, so views were kept distant and brief to avoid too much disturbance.

Back on the census route for the stretch between Quarter Wall and the Village resulted in 31 Carrion Crow, 145 Herring Gulls, 25 Lesser-black Backed Gulls, a Pied Wagtail and a small flock of ~60 Starlings. In the Village itself, 8 House Sparrows were noted and 3 Ravens.