• Baltimore Oriole

    Baltimore Oriole © T Wright

  • Hoopoe

    Hoopoe © D Jones

  • Pale-bellied Brent Goose

    Pale-bellied Brent Goose © R Taylor

  • Lapland Bunting

    Lapland Bunting © R Campey

  • Common Rosefinch

    Common Rosefinch © D Jones

  • Red-rumped Swallow

    Red-rumped Swallow © D Fox

  • Sora
  • Great Northern Diver

    Great Northern Diver © S Cossey

24 05 29 CRWheatear SWField Thomas WestonOne of the breeding colour ringed Northern Wheatear currently in SW Field. Please report any sightings to the Conservation Team. ©ThomasWeston

Census was completed rather early today but resulted in a mix of species seen throughout. A flock of 3 Woodpigeons were in Millcombe Pines; 5 Oystercatchers were in the Landing Bay, Benjamin’s Chair and Old Light; 14 Great-Black Backed Gulls were in the fields with 158 Herring and 9 Lesser-Black Backed Gulls and breeding off Benjamin’s Chair; 308 Guillemots, 22 Razorbills, and 2 Puffins were loafing off Benjamin’s Chair whilst a Fulmar and 6 Shag flew over; the Hooded Crow x Carrion Crow hybrid was associated with a few of the 11 Carrion Crows spotted; 2 Ravens were in the Village; 6 Skylarks included singing birds in SouthWest Field, the Airfield and Castle Hill; 9 Swallows flew North; singing warblers in Millcombe included 2 Blackcap, 3 Whitethroats, single Willow Warbler and a single Chiffchaff; 14 Wrens were spread across all areas of the census route; 56 Starlings were seen near Quarter Wall with the majority being juveniles; 4 Blackbird were in Millcombe and the Airfield; the Song Thrush and Lesser Redpoll remained singing in Millcombe; a Wheatear, 9 Meadow Pipits, and 2 Stonechats were around Rocket Pole Pond; 3 Robins, 3 Dunnocks, 2 Chaffinches, and 8 Goldfinches were around St John’s Valley; 16 House Sparrows were in the Village; 3 Pied Wagtails were around Old Light and the Dung Heap in Tillage Field.    

Our seabird colonies at Jenny’s Cove were alive with thousands of birds flying back and forth to the cliffs. A Lapwing was the most unusual species seen on the island today with one on Rocket Pole Scrape or as the observer who found it, referred to this pool as ‘Funny Pool’.


2024 05 30 JuvenileBlackbird Heligoland ThomasWestonJuvenile Blackbird caught and ringed in the Heligoland. ©ThomasWeston

Our first juvenile Blackbird of the year was caught in the Heligoland Trap today.